Our Eye Clinic is Committed to Protecting Your Vision

Close-up portrait of an elegant business lady wearing eyeglassesOur eye clinic is proud to have become a true Ottawa institution. Over the last sixty years, McLeod Optometry Clinic has become known as a trusted provider of comprehensive eye care. We are dedicated to providing knowledgeable, effective treatment in a welcoming environment. We continuously pursue ongoing education and use the latest technology to better serve you and protect your vision. If you need to establish ongoing care with a compassionate optometrist, please contact us today.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing you with outstanding vision care, offering courteous service and state-of-the-art treatment options. We pledge to provide professional and prompt service at all times, while treating you in a warm, friendly atmosphere. You will also benefit from the latest technology, which provides accurate diagnosis and helps us determine the care you require. We also offer you a wide selection of comfortable contacts, as well as high-quality, stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses. We take every measure possible to ensure that you and your loved ones can experience all the benefits of clear, healthy vision.

Our History

McLeod Optometry Clinic was founded in 1950 by Dr. R.W. Patterson, a graduate of the University of Toronto. Originally located at 180 Metcalfe Street, Dr. Patterson ran the practice alongside his wife. Because of a growing number of patients, Dr. Patterson relocated the office to its current home, a larger facility on McLeod Street, in 1967. Dr. Patterson retired in 1986, and his son, Dr. W.A. Patterson, took over the practice. Today, we have five outstanding optometrists. Their diverse interests and training enable us to provide complete care for all your vision needs.

Our Office

Our office is located in a quaint 1920’s home, which has been converted into a spacious medical clinic. With hardwood floors, large windows, and a fireplace, our office is an accessible, home-like environment. The office houses a fully equipped laboratory and corrective eyewear dispensary. We also maintain a diagnostic room furnished with the latest technology, such as a retinal imaging system, a vision field screen, and OT Cyrus 600 software. These tools allow us to provide comprehensive eye exams to screen for conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as diabetes-related eye conditions. Thanks to our complete set of diagnostic equipment, we can quickly detect these conditions in their earliest stages and take measures to protect your vision. If you are interested in laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK and PRK, we can determine your candidacy, refer you to a surgeon, and facilitate your aftercare. 

Dispensary corridor - McLeod Optometry Clinic! Dispensary Left Side - McLeod Optometry Clinic Dispensary Right Side - McLeod Optometry Clinic Dispensary Window View - McLeod Optometry Clinic Dispensary Waiting Area - McLeod Optometry Clinic Reception Area - McLeod Optometry Clinic Exam Room - McLeod Optometry Clinic Diagnostic Room Matrix and Intra-ocular McLeod Optometry Clinic Diagnostic Room Matrix and Intra-ocular Pressure Test McLeod Optometry Clinic

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Insurance and Assistance

Because most of our procedures are vital to maintaining and protecting your eye health, they are typically covered by insurance. Our knowledgeable office staff will help you to fill out any necessary paperwork and navigate the insurance process. Our services are offered in English or French, at the patient's choice

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There is a reason we have been a trusted name in Ottawa for more than 60 years! Contact us today and experience our personalized service, welcoming environment, and outstanding medical technology.